Work’s Team

Chairman of Board of Directors

Mr/ Karem Abdel Hamid

Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager of the company

Mr/ Khaled Zakaria

Investigation Department

Name Title
Mr/ Amr galal Sharaf Board of Directors and Manager of the Investigation Department
Mr/ Ahmed Awad Allah Board of Directors and Deputy Manager of the Investigation Department
Mr/ Mohamed Sayed Afifi Movement head
Ms/ Yasmine Hassan Supervisor
Mr/ Ahmed Maher Director of the Field Follow-up Department
Mr/ Islam Naguib Checker
Ms/ Marwa Khalil Checker
Ms/ Shahanda Tariq Checker
Ms/ Esraa ahmed Checker
Ms/ Esraa Mohsen Supervisor
Ms/ Sara Said Checker
Mr/ Abdul Rahman gamal Checker
Mr/ Mahmoud Shehata Supervisor
Ms/ Rehab Youssef Checker
Ms/ Amal Mahmoud Checker
Mr/ Hossam Mohamed Checker
Mr/ Ahmed Ramadan Supervisor
Ms/ Esraa Mohamed Supervisor
Ms/ Mayar Mohamed Checker
Ms/ Doulat Salah Checker
Ms/ Doha Hassan Checker
Mr/ Ahmed Abdelgawad Follow-up Investigator
Mr/ Youssef Elsayed Follow-up Investigator

Human Resource Management

Name Title
Mr/ Shata Mostafa Mohamed HR Manager

Collection Department

Name Title
Mr/Ramadan Hassan Manager of the Collection Department
Mr/ Amer Selim Deputy Manager of Collection Department
Mr/ Ismail Shaaban Supervisor
Mr/ Mostafa Rizk Collector
Mr/ Hassan Sayed El Telb Collector
Mr/ Ashraf Jaheen Collector
Mr/ Karim Raafat Collector
Mr/ Mohamed Zakaria Collector
Mr/ Abu Bakr Muhammad Collector
Mr/ Mohamed Sayed Collector
Ms/ Hanan Abdel Naser Admin